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Swing in Edinburgh

A big list of swing dance things happening in Edinburgh. We do our best to update this, but please check the organiser's website to confirm the events listed here are going ahead

Send us your google calendar if your group would like to be listed on the site


Swing Dance Groups in Edinburgh

Live Music Venues in Edinburgh

Want to submit a one-off event, but you dont have your own google calendar?

Thanks! Look out for a confirmation email to confirm we received your event.

The Small Print


The plan is for this to be a genuine reflection of all the swing dance classes and social swing dancing opportunities in Edinburgh, but we may have to reject some for the following reasons:

1) They are dance classes/socials primarily for a non-swing dance

2) They are primarily non-swing music events

3) They are live music events with excellent bands, but no dance space, or an unsuitable space to dance that we wouldn't honestly recommend to a visiting friend looking to social dance.

Hopefully this sets expectations accurately for dancers and organisers and makes these listings comprehensive for people interested in swing dancing. Please copy this website idea for your dance if you think it would be useful for your community.

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