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Musicality and Pure Bal are going to be the main focus of this weekend and we have the fabulous Sasha and Yulia here to teach a masterclass in both topics across one weekend. We're going to have 6 hours of classes total, covering:


  • The nitty gritty of making your Pure Bal feel amazing
  • Conquering Counterbody movement and using it to enhance your musicality
  • Mixing up your basic and making it REALLY fit the rhythms in the music
  • Footwork variations of all shapes and sizes to make your Pure Bal *SPARKLE*
  • Old Timer variations in both pure bal and moves you know already
  • Heaps of Solo drills and personal challenges to help you improve your dancing with everyone


The agenda for Saturday is left purposely vague because on this weekend it is the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival and we are lucky enough to have a Mardi Gras party happening in the Grassmarket from 1-4pm. Weather permitting, we'd love to go across as a group and enjoy some of the New Orleans vibes with you and dance to Viper Swing. We're going to keep an eye on the forecast and run our day so that we can get in 3 hours of classes at the venue and 2 (hopefully dry) hours at the street party.


We are also welcoming Colin Steele as our bandleader for the Saturday social. We've told him about all the work we're doing on musicality and instructed him to go wild with putting together a red hot setlist that will let us practice all the cool stuff we'll be learning in class.


On sunday we'll finish off classes with a tea dance and if anyone is keen to keep the party going, they're very welcome to form a gang and head over to the Jazz festival concerts in town. This one looks particularly fun.




Saturday 13th July

10:45am-11am - Check In

11am-6pm - 3 hours of classes (mixed in with breaks and a group trip to the Mardi Gras Concerts on Grassmarket)

6-8pm -- Dinner Break

8pm-Midnight -- Social Dance Party with the Colin Steele's Ensemble Band


Sunday 14th July

12:00-1:30pm -- Class
1:30-2pm -- Break
2-3:30pm -- Class

3:30-5pm -- Tea Dance


Our venue


Everything will be happening at the Columcile Centre in Marchmont/Morningside


Newbattle Terrace 2,


EH10 4RT



Yes! Use the code Student10 or Unwaged10 to get 10% off any of these passes if you are a student or unwaged.

Summer Shuffle with Sasha and Yulia- 13-14 July 2024

  • Oh it's a scary game- venue prices have gone way up and suitable rooms have become very scarce. From the surveys we sent out it seemed like the community were keen for events like this so I'm taking the plunge. The price is set so that we breakeven on costs, I wanted to say that I'm not making any profit on this and if I could make it cheaper I absolutely would. 

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