Learn to Dance Balboa


Weekend Workshops (Improvers and Intermediate Levels)

We teach Balboa and Slow Balboa in monthly weekend workshops. Our next big workshop is on:


Saturday 15th-16th October (book here)


We will teach two tracks during the day (Improvers and Intermediate level Balboa), and have a big social dance party on Saturday evening.

Absolute Beginners Workshops

Our next absolute beginners workshop is:

12-4pm, 13th November 2022 (book here)

These workshops are more like a group private than a typical dance class so you get a lot of individual attention and feedback to get the FEEL of Balboa right from the start. This will enable you to join in on any Balboa social dance floor, and get you familiar with the basics you'll need to join in our big weekend workshop events.


If you're interested in getting started in Balboa, book your spot below. The workshop is spread across 4 hours with breaks, and costs £30 per person. If you can't make it to this one, feel free to sign up for our (infrequent) email updates to be notified of the next one:

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